Living Room Addition & Kitchen Remodeling

During uncertain times, homeowners recognize and appreciate the intangible assets of home ownership. A welcome and comforting home can provide stable roots to its family members, and that’s priceless. Any existing home has the potential to be your dream home. With a fresh set of eyes focused on visualizing your home’s potential, a building professional can use his skills and experience to improve and refine your vision.

Living Room Additions

If you would like to pursue building out additional living room areas to achieve your dream home, consider scheduling a consultation with our experts first. We can spot potential issues or offer practical guidance to ensure your dreams don’t turn into costly nightmares that you’ll have to live with, financially or aesthetically. The permanence of home building and ownership requires skilled professionals to guide the process along smoothly, with minimal issues.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Westphall Remodeling has the vision and experience to turn any kitchen into masterpiece of interior design. By contacting us early in the decision process, you’ll be advised on critical decisions that can affect the homes’ structure, symmetry and comfort levels.

We’ll help you make the right decisions on things like traffic patterns, kitchen efficiency, door and window specifications, lighting and plumbing configurations and evaluate your family’s requirements and routines to recommend practical and appealing floor plans. We will also handle details like site inspections and building permits as well as identify and correct potential problems prior to and during the building or remodeling process. Our design and build services go hand and hand to assure your vision is realized.

Let our living room addition and kitchen remodeling experts provide you with results that are guaranteed to fulfill ever yearning desire to live in a home that enhances the quality of your family’s daily life. Use the contact information provided to tell us a little about your project and let’s get started.