Outdoor Remodeling

Outdoor Remodeling ServicesWhat’s outside matters just as much as inside these days, with home design trends driving more upscale, creative and functional ideas in the backyard. Outdoor living has evolved beyond basic patio furnishings and decorative accents to more comfortable and elaborate themed items that help to coordinate a whole-house approach.

With the current economic downturn, homeowners are looking at their budgets more closely in order to make more sensible choices as to where they will invest their money. One trend that is emerging is the popularity of outdoor kitchens. Families are beginning to opt out of expensive vacations and are instead aiming their budgets towards their own backyards. Westphall Remodeling has the creativity and experience you need to build your family’s perfect outdoor kitchen!

A new custom patio cover, deck or free-standing arbor is also an important part of being able to use and enjoy your backyard. Westphall Remodeling can design your patio cover to match your home exactly or to any other design you may have in mind.

When done right, backyard improvements can add so much to the functionality, enjoyment and over-all design of your home. Without careful consideration and a professional approach, an outdoor project could also take away from your homes over-all design and beauty. Westphall Remodeling has built hundreds of successful backyard projects. Let us help you with yours!