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Westphall Remodeling has over 30 years experience in the remodeling industry. Over the years, we have learned to listen to our clients and design our remodeling work around their individual needs and concerns while providing the expertise and professionalism to make their vision a reality.

Whether we are designing and constructing an interior arched opening, a new living room space, a bathroom remodel or a second story addition, Westphall makes sure that each project gets the attention it requires in order to ensure its success.

Besides adding better functionality and enhancing a home’s beauty, it’s important to remember that most remodel projects add equity to your home and can be a very positive investment. In general, projects that seem to get the most “bang for the buck” include kitchen and baths and room additions including family rooms, master suites and even separate casitas.

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Although the industry data is updated annually, some of the average national figures below should give a basic idea of what return you’ll get on your improvements. Depending on your individual project and your neighborhoods price per sq. ft. resale value, there have been many instances where homeowners are able to actually sell their improvements for a higher price per foot than their initial investment.



Minor kitchen remodel


Window replacement (wood)


Bathroom remodel


Window replacement (vinyl)


Two-Story addition


Major kitchen remodel


Loft at high ceiling area




Our specialization includes but is not limited to:
Initial on-site project consultation and free estimate
Complete organized planning and project scheduling
Entire home upgrades and design changes throughout including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, interior and exterior finishes
New design and architectural plans
Design and material selections assistance
Improve that living space and build that equity - with over 30 years in the remodeling and construction industry, Westphall Remodeling is the licensed, insured and experienced contractor that can help to guarantee your project's success

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