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(1) conversion of an “under stairs” closet to a wine grotto, and (2) transformation of a 2-story foyer into a cozier 1 story foyer with coved ceiling and second floor loft were executed on-time and to perfection.

Dear Brad, 

Rachel are I are writing this letter to express our gratitude for making our home renovations a reality. Both recent projects: (1) conversion of an “under stairs” closet to a wine grotto, and (2) transformation of a 2-story foyer into a cozier 1 story foyer with coved ceiling and second floor loft were executed on-time and to perfection. 

Before we met you, we received a bid from a contractor who came highly recommended. The bid was high and the individual did not seem enthusiastic about the project. Having had several bad experiences with contractors in the San Antonio area, including the construction of a high-end custom home, we were not overly excited about yet another frustrating project. 

Once I found your website, I scoured each section and was impressed with the depth of experience you had in the industry. Also remarkable was the wide range of projects you had completed and the numerous letters from satisfied customers. I read every individual letter and they all had a similar theme-the customers were happy with the process and thrilled with the end results. 

During that first meeting, I handed you a scrap piece of paper with a rough sketch depicting my thoughts for transforming our space. You took the notes as we walked the site, and after a few photos you were gone. I did not think I had provided you with enough information for a proper bid. However, when the bid came back, I discovered you actually listened to all I had described, and it was obvious you understood my vision perfectly. 

Having 3 small children and pets, I expressed concern regarding the potential detrimental impact of dust and construction debris. You assured me you would take great strides to separate the construction zone and protect the surrounding areas of our home. True to your word, you did. We had plastic and cardboard on the floors and plastic blocking our living room areas floor to ceiling. Unlike previous contractors, each day before your crews left the site was cleaned, leaving it safe for our family. 

I have been impressed by many aspects of the construction experience with Westphall Remodeling. One of the biggest was your ability to communicate updates and concerns as they arose. In an industry where all of my experience has been focused on trying to get a contractor to show up, let alone finish a job, you called each day to inquire about my satisfaction and review the next step. It is tremendously comforting to know there is an organized plan and coordinated schedule of sub-contractors. 

I was always pleased with your efficiency. I was truly amazed at the rapid pace of progression. There were no wasted days and no wasted materials. Your goal was to maximize our budget by using your crews effectively. You always anticipated the next phase and ensured the next subcontractor was lined up and ready to go… and they always were. 

I was also impressed with the number of relationships you had in the industry to cover some of our unique requests. From the stained concrete to the faux stone wine cubbies, you had a contact for every request, and they seemed to really enjoy being part of a project with you. 

Lastly, a project of any scale is only as good as its supervision and it was obvious who was in charge. You have a very good relationship with all of your subs but if it was not right, you never hesitated to make sure it was made right. Part of your ability to manage multiple jobs successfully was your clear understanding that you needed to turn down some projects until others were complete or you might be spread too thin – something most contractors are not willing to do. 

You have learned by now that my many years as an Air Force pilot have made me very detail-oriented and very hard to please. I am here to tell you that I am pleased 100% with not one but two projects. After 9 years in San Antonio I did not think I would ever say that about any contractor. You treated us professionally, you took our family in consideration during the construction process, and you are an absolute pleasure to work with. I hope you add this letter to your site and that it helps generate more projects for you in the future. I will happily recommend you to my closest friends and I already have another project in mind for next year! Thank you again. 


Doug Beck
Lt Col, USAF 

Rachel Beck, MD

P.S. For those of you reading this letter and Brad’s other testimonials, this is the real deal and you cannot go wrong no matter how small or large the project.

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