What type of kitchen countertops should I use?

Granite Kitchen Counter Top

Kitchen countertops can be one of the most important design aspects of your kitchen remodel.  You may be wondering what type of kitchen countertop will make your kitchen beautiful, functional, and durable.

The primary importance is that the cabinets and countertops should coordinate to provide a unified design for the kitchen, supported by accents like backsplash areas, appliances, and lighting.

But there are many other important considerations that impact what material to use such as durability, maintenance, and flexibility. Let's review the many types of kitchen countertops and the reasons why they are used.


Granite countertops are very popular and can often provide more variety and natural color than many of the other kitchen countertop options. Granite is a hard natural stone cut from the earth and each piece is unique, offering more design flexibility than some other materials.


Quartz is an extremely hard and even more durable, manufactured surface that is made by binding quartz crystals within a resin-based product. Quartz is currently one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials and can offer a multitude of color choices. However, the more natural colors provided by granite and other natural stones are difficult to reproduce with quartz.


Marble is another natural stone countertop material that can offer a variety of colors and a beautiful timeless look. Marble is softer and more porous than granite and is more susceptible to scratches and stains. However, some of the beauty of a marble countertop in the right kitchen is difficult to rival with other materials.


Quartzite is a natural solid stone that is cut from the earth like granite. This kitchen countertop material is a very hard and durable product and generally offers more versatile and subtle tones.


Wood countertops in your kitchen can offer a warm & durable surface option. These countertops can be installed throughout the entire kitchen but are usually installed as a functional design aspect. Wood tops will accumulate light knife cuts and scratches which is accepted as part of the kitchen design choice with these countertops. Wood can provide a long-lasting, durable, beautiful, and functional part of the kitchen.

Your Kitchen Countertop Choice

During our kitchen remodeling projects, we help you weigh all of these considerations when deciding which material is best for the project.  Your style and needs could make the decision simple or it may be more difficult to decide, either way, we will provide our expert guidance and experience to make your kitchen beautiful.

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